Social Projects

BAS CS Gallery in 2021 carried out two social and cultural projects sponsored by QM Soldiner and Aktions Fond. Construction of a bench and a table in front of the gallery. And a project for the artistic customization of bicycles. When working on projects, budgets of 1800 euros were mastered. Residents of the area and friends of the gallery participated in the work.

The bench and table should and have become a place of communication between the inhabitants of the quarter and visitors to the gallery. It became a crossroads between different strata and age groups. The bicycle project introduced its participants to mechanics, manual skills and the idea of self-design.

Art Projects

As part of the work of BAS CS Gallery, we carry out exhibitions and exchanges with other exhibition spaces and art associations.
During this time, since 2019, 5 projects have been completed. Three projects abroad, in Russia, Romania and Ukraine and two in Berlin.
Projects include curatorial, organizational, logistics, PR and advisory pre-production and implementation.
BAS CS Gallery, represented by the director and invited curators, accepts orders for the implementation of similar projects from art groups and personally from artists.
In addition, we provide support in compiling dossiers, applying for scholarships and grants and providing fundraising support.

1. Berlin Transit
The exhibition in City Museum „Omsk Art“, Russia display graphic works, drawings, silk-screen prints, video projections and photographs of a dozen recognizable European artists permanently residing in Berlin, whose first language is Russian.

Curator: Vasiliy Melnichenko
Advisor-curator: Igor Zaidel
Date: 03.10 – 17.10.2019
Place: City Museum „Omsk Art“, Russia

2. KOLONIE WEDDING – Berlin Contemporary Art in Romania”
Artists: Inna Artemova, Jovan Balov, Jan Bejsovec, Tiny Domingos, Archi Galentz, Pablo Hermann, Patrick Huber, Margarete Huber, Elena Ilina, Henrik Jacob, Karen Koltermann, Anton Laiko, Ute Lindner, Maria Marshall, Matthias Mayer, Olga Mos, Karen Stucke, Kata Unger, Andreas Wolf, Igor Zaidel, Vassily Melnichenko
Dates: May 29 – July 10, 2021
Place: Centrul de Interes, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Curator: Florin Stefan, Igor Zaidel

3. Upgrading Maria
Juli 17- August 18, 2021
Curator: Igor Zaidel
Place: Stephanus-Kirche, Berlin

4. Exhibition „Fight“ by Peter Feiler.
From 24 July to 06 August 2021
Place: Project Space Dialogues, Odessa, Ukraine

Curator: Igor Zaidel

5. Perspektiven Runden Winkel by DDTOX Art
From April 30 to
Mai 8, 2022

Place: Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin
Curator: Igor Zaidel