Sedi Ghadiri‘s films screening

Sedi Ghadiri‘s films screening

06. 11. 2022
the author’s screening of films by the German-Iranian director and screenwriter Sedi Ghadiri took place.

Sedi Ghadiri is a German-Iranian film director and writer specializing in fictional storytelling. Until 2017 she worked as a freelance editor at BBC in London while also directing a series of short films on the subjects diaspora and displacement. She experimented with analog film, shooting on and hand-developing 8mm and 16mm film, before shifting to conventional narrative film. Her films have been exhibited at many international film festivals, among others at Sheffield Doc Fest and at Victoria & Albert Museum. She is a London Film School graduate and a recipient of Creative Skillset England scholarship and John Brabourne Award. Prior to her film career she studied Middle Eastern Studies at Bonn University, where her MA thesis on Shia Theology and Ideological Activism was published as part of the series Bonner islamw. Hefte (BiH). In order to complete her research she spent several years in Lebanon and Egypt and up to this day maintains a strong tie to fellow artists from both countries.
Since 2018 she resides in Berlin, where she works on her first feature film alongside teaching Acting-for-Camera workshops to acting students.

Sedi Ghadiri

THE OTHER IN BEIRUT (Documentary, Lebanon, UK 2007) – 4min
Logline: Experimental docu capturing two co-existing childhoods in Beirut divided by class.

BLOODLINES – (Documentary, UK 2016) 12min
Logline: A portrait of three female Muay Thai fighters in different stages of their lives.

DELE – (Documentary, UK 2018) 17:30min
Logline: A portrait of London based Afrobeat musician Dele Sosimi and his band.

CLEMENTINE – (Fiction, UK 2015) 2:40min
Logline: Desire for clementine causes tragedy in a nuns convent.

THE KINGS HAND – (Fiction, UK 2014) 10:30min
Logline: Five absurd scenes of resistance by antiheroes in 20th century Iran.


Very secret sneak preview

Very secret sneak preview

On 24.09.2022 a screening of author’s cartoons took place. The show was moderated and initiated by Julia Müller (Yool_N). The show was held in two sessions, at 17:00 and at 19:00. A total of 40 people attended.

Very secret sneak preview of the pilot for the animated sci-fi series ALP by Julia Müller.
Supporting movies with guests:
Bye Little Block by Éva Darabos,
Feed the Ghosted by Pia Graf and
Any Instant Whatever by Michelle Brand.

Julia Müller

Julia Müller (Yool_N)

Julia Müller (Yool_N) is an animation-film director, writer and multimedia artist from Bremen, Germany. She has won several prices and scholarships with her short films. Julia has studied, lived and/or worked in London, Nagoya, Strasbourg, Budapest and currently lives in Berlin. Her independent work aims to extend the boundaries of narrative animation film through metaphorical and unique universes.

ALP (Pilot of the animated series, 2022), 20:28 minutes

In a spiritual utopia, people reached perfection and left the physical world behind. The few remaining struggle to join the others in ALP, a virtual mountain scape accessible through meditation. Others have stayed suspicious of the mysterious party behind it all and refuse to “ascend”. One day a young woman returns from her eternal life in the mountains and the system begins to show its first cracks

Éva Darabos

Éva Darabos

Geboren:1991,Budapest, Ungarn

Filme: Bye Little Block!, Morning, Moholymotion

She was born and grew up in Budapest and fell in love with drawing and filmmaking in her late teens. She was admitted to MOME’s animation department in 2013 where she finished her BA degree then continued her studies on the MA programme. During her studies she spent an Erasmus semester in Turku, Finland at TUAS’s animation department. Besides developing her film ideas she works as a freelancer animation artist. Bye Little Block! (2020) is her graduation film.

Bye Little Block!

A young woman learns that soon she will have to move from the blockhouse flat she lives in. After receiving the upsetting news from the owner of the flat she is overwhelmed with emotions. Her teardrop of farewell grows into a concrete monolith. When the drop hits the ground a surreal panorama of the blockhouse area – she used to call home – unfolds…

Pia Graf

Pia Graf

Pia Graf is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist. She works across various disciplines and media. Her main focus is on 2D frame-by-frame animation and illustration. As part of her practice, she explores both analog and digital working methods.

Feed the Ghosted

In her psychedelic 4:48 minute animated film Feed the Ghosted, Pia Graf addresses media overstimulation and excessive media consumption. The main character is a glittering everyday hero in the midst of a chaotic, virtual world.
The visual material is characterized by permanent, liquid-like movement and constant flickering and fading in of images, which creates the impression of visual overload.
The film is complemented by a sound tapestry by composer, sound artist and co-founder of the internet radio NTS, Mamiko Motto. Technoid, metallic sounds generate an industrial vibe and increase the hypnotic pull of the animation.

Michelle Brand

Michelle Brand

Michelle Brand is an award-winning animation director and sound designer based in Berlin, who works across a wide range of aesthetics, focusing on visualising abstract ideas in abstract ways. Heavily influenced by avant-garde, abstract and contemporary art movements, she is completely obsessed with geometric shapes, straight lines and perfectly round circles. Her films attempt to visualise philosophical concepts, with a special focus on time, change and movement, blurring the lines between theory and practice.

Any Instant Whatever

A man in a room, in a film – it is the becoming of something and simultaneously becoming in itself. Nothing is as solid as we believe. The film explores our perception of time, bodies and objects, and our inability to comprehend the full motion of things.