In May 2021, the Kolonie Wedding exhibition took place in Centrul de Interes, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The exhibition took place as a result of personal contact between I. Zaidel and Florin Stefan.

As a response, Kolonie Wedding invited representatives of the Centrul de Interes to Berlin.
Exhibition DIVERGENT CLOSE-UPS at 15. 10. 2021 was the part of the overall project.


Sebastian Nasta
Vlad Paraschiv

Within the framework of the general exhibition
„Centrul de Interes | Romania Contemporary Art from Cluj-Napoca in Berlin“,
BAS CS gallery proudly and joyfully presents to the Berlin public two genius of wielding the brush from Transylvania: Sebastian Nasta and Vlad Paraschiv.
The exhibition is part of the cultural and human exchange between Berlin and Cluj-Napoca. One of the artists, Vlad Paraschiv, will be present in person.



Liquid Lunch

Liquid Lunch

Liquid Lunch exhibition. This was second exhibition in the Versus series.

The exhibition was at the BAS CS Gallery as part of Kolony Wedding e. V. .
The formal art theme of the exhibition was work done exclusively with either liquid or solid paints. The theme of the exhibition was our daily bread and drink.
In addition to numerous works of our contemporaries, the works of people who have left our world was also shown. The topic of the work is devoted to either solid or liquid food of humanity or around it. From sugar to beer from fish to milk from teeth to … well, you already understand.
In addition to traditional genres of art such as painting, graphics and sculpture, various drinks and solid food was also on display.
Many thanks to the Vinogradov Gallery, the Kabinett Auktion House and the SBKG school for technical and moral support.

Künstler and Works


Wunderbare virtuelle 3D-Tour von Vojta Hönig


Making off